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Bellevue, WA - Privateer Press is releasing its first-ever theme force box for WARMACHINE and HORDES. Theme forces are armies designed around specific. So yeah. It's been a busy week at PP Headquarters. And while we here at Combo Smite don't have any direct lines to the thoughts behind. New Players Discussion. An area for members new to the Privateer Press forums to ask questions and introduce themselves.

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New Community Website and forum is up and running Which is not a bad thing. If there are enough people dissatisfied to the point that a new format is created, wouldn't that speak to the game needing to change? I keep to the faction forums there. Loves to play to stroke his "e-penis-except-this-is-real-life-so-he-might-actually-be-jacking-off-in-the-store" guy. The Wicked Harvest, Faction bias will be easier to avoid; however, in the future, when models you have a strong feeling about are being tested, it will be important to remain objective. Casuals play with other casuals, competitive players play with other competitive players. pp forums

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Full Casual, Full decent human being. The problem is that there are other games on the market for people who aren't interested in a competitive game, and people emigrate from 40K used to the idea that you need to constantly homebrew the game to make it playable. Log in or sign up in seconds. I like wonky formats like foodmachine, who's the boss, and thunderdome. I think in the account options there's a 'resend activation email' button.